Saturday, July 28, 2012

Elementals (ATC swap)

Salamander: fire elemental
At the moment I am working on a swap for iATC called 'ELEMENTALS'  I am illustrating the four elements: earth, air, wind and fire.  I am thinking of doing the 5th element: Aether as a hostess card (not sure how I´d illustrate that one though ;)  More info on Elementals here. I´ll post the cards as I do them.

Undine: water elemental
Air (I like her more than the other one)
Sylph: air elemental

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  1. These are great! So pretty and they've really got distinct personalities. I think water is my favorite, though she looks sad. What will you do for earth? Greens or browns or both? I suppose browns makes more sense but a tree sounds like more fun than, well, dirt. :D